How can you make
a change in 2 minutes?


What I discovered lately is that my accomplishments whether as a child, in school or even at work had never gone the perfectionist way. The mindset it took for me to speak English is not to read the oxford dictionary. It was actually to watch Barney The Purple Dinosaur. What I mean to say here is that accomplishing something starts with a purpose of achieving a small task. It starts with doing the work before learning exactly how it is done. That was a transformative idea to my well-being now and then.

بو خالد

في نظري التغيير يبدأ بفكرة. لن نستطيع التغيير الا إذا أمنا أولًا بفكرة التغيير.


Saw a lady searching through her wallet and bag in front of one fast-food counter. Her face showed she is panicking. She has a young child with her. Within 2 minutes, I decided to act, asking her what is wrong. She has lost her money, and her card was not working. She needs to pay for the order which was just a fries. Quickly i gave her some cash, and tell her not to worry.


كنت خجولة للغاية وكانت هذه الصفة عائق بيني وبين احلامي وطموحي، فقررت أن أغير هذه الصفة بالتحدث مع كل من اراه والمشاركة في مختلف الفعاليات

Safura Sultana
From the day I started being positive in every situation thrown at me and I was being vocal about it, my children got impacted and they see positivity in every situation and thank the Almighty. Even being positive with Covid for the first time while nursing a 8month baby or during the third wave, we, as a family got positive together with Covid and a week later had miscarriage. All through this, my two kids (I have three - youngest being only 22 months old) were always seeing the silver lining. My change was to slowly and steadily focus on the positives and I saw how it influenced the people, the generation (my kids) . I would urge everyone to start. Just begin somewhere. BISMILLAAH!

Ahmad Alsayed

التغير الصحيح هو التغير الداخلي للنفس. و اساسها القناعه. عندما تكون مقتنع بما لديك و تنظر إلى حال الاخرين، منهم المحتاجين و منهم اليتاما و غيرهم، سوف تشعر بالسعاده التامه التي سوف تحضرك على فعل الخير و التأمل به.

I can make change by saying no to all single use plastic bags and straws provided to me at restaurants and supermarkets, and discover alternatives such as using reusable items that won’t harm the environment

محمد العبده

تغيرت حياتي الا انسان رياضي بشهادات عالميه بسبب مدرب رفض استقبالي وقررت الاعتماد على نفسي

Asma Elahmad
After becoming a mom, I view things differently. I now do whatever makes my son happy - even if that means being a little baby like him. Life is so much fun when you just do whatever makes you comfortable and happy.